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4 quick tips to make lasting impressions with potential clients at your trade show booth

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 12, 2018 3:54:20 PM / by Andy Robertson

So your manager wants to send you to a trade show. Flights are booked, space is reserved, business cards are ready to be handed out like candy.

But how do you make a lasting impression and create a unique connection between your company and the outside world? There are dozens of other booths, so how do you cut through the clutter?

Here's dmg::events' 4 quick tips for making a big splash at your company's next trade show:

  1. Interactive Content

You want trade show attendees walking by to stop in their tracks and be unable to leave until they try what you have at YOUR booth.

Some of the finest examples include VR simulations which give your booth both a high-tech feel and a chance to immerse someone in your business by demonstrating the more unique aspects of what you do.

Interactive doesn't necessarily have to mean extremely expensive. Something as simple as a free personalized consultation on how your company can benefit others is a chance to make a lasting impression worth more than just a greeting and handshake.

  1. Awesome Swag

Try and think outside the box on this one; "what's a unique, memorable, USEFUL item I can bring to clients that will have them remember us?"

Everyone under the sun has pens with their logo on them (YAWN!). What's a unique angle your company has that you can use to your advantage?

Perhaps you're a company that specializes in waterproofing, so why not a waterproof phone pouch?

Whatever you bring, it should be representative of your company and ideally be something people won't throw away as soon as they leave the show floor.

  1. Good Old Fashioned Enthusiasm

If you really want to make others remember you, bring your most enthusiastic company evangelists to the show!

Energy, poise and the will of the warrior is ultimately what people are going to respond to best. You'll have to entice them to come to you, so be hungry for every interaction you get while on site.

  1. Networking

Those evangelical reps you brought with you shouldn’t be limited to staying in your company’s booth. Be sure to include networking events in your schedules so you can meet ALL THE PEOPLE!

By encouraging your staff to step outside the box of your booth, you create more opportunities to meet people and speak about your company’s products and services. Always, always ensure to tell them to stop by your booth in the following days of the event.

There are education seminars, coffee areas, receptions and parties at every event.. just another opportunity to make a lasting connection and create potential business opportunities.

Use every networking activity you can to drive traffic your company's way – a busy booth, is a happy booth.

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Andy Robertson

Written by Andy Robertson

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