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Blockchain: Redefining business transactions for oil & gas

4 quick tips to make lasting impressions with potential clients at your trade show booth

Highlights of The 2017 Canadian Global Exploration Forum

6 Reasons to Attend Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference

Highlights of Global Petroleum Show 2017

Young Women in Energy Fill a Niche in the Market

NextShale Conference Discusses the Future of Shale Gas in Alberta

Indigenous Conference on Energy and Mining

Energy Leaders Forum Generates Ideas to Inform and Support our Government Decisions Going Forward

Low Carbon Innovation Forum Explore Options and Addresses Challenges

The Energy Dialogues Tackles Tough Industry Questions

Congratulations GPS17 Award Winners!

The History of Shale Gas

Amit Prakesh on Unconventional Resources

Navigating the Future of Unconventional Resource

Global Petroleum Show 2017 - Clean Technology Zone

Global Petroleum Show 2017 - The Energy Dialogues

The Future of Canadian Farming Revealed

10 Must See Events and Features at Global Petroleum Show 2017!

Relationship Between Shale HF and Sh-ANISO - Abdelsalam Abugharara, PhD Candidate, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Shale in North America: a Grooved Perspective

Shale Fracturing Revolution - Garrett Luebke

Theme announced for this year's Indigenous Conference on Energy and Mining

Judging has Begun for Global Petroleum Show Awards

Learn how to expand into new and challenging foreign markets

How the Low Carbon Innovation Forum will address new challenges

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