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The History of Shale Gas

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 5, 2017 3:23:42 PM / by Nicole Hodgetts posted in Industry Updates, Nextshale

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As note by, Natural Resources of Canada

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Amit Prakesh on Unconventional Resources

[fa icon="calendar'] May 26, 2017 2:32:02 PM / by Nicole Hodgetts posted in Nextshale

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Relationship Between Shale HF and Sh-ANISO - Abdelsalam Abugharara, PhD Candidate, Memorial University of Newfoundland

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2017 2:05:35 PM / by Nicole Hodgetts posted in Nextshale

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Shale in North America: a Grooved Perspective

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2017 2:04:53 PM / by Nicole Hodgetts posted in Nextshale

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Rhys Jardine, NextShale Speaker 

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Shale Fracturing Revolution - Garrett Luebke

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2017 2:04:04 PM / by Nicole Hodgetts posted in Nextshale

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“Canada is one of the best places in the world where great technology is developed,” says Steven Winkler, President and Director of Quantum Downhole Systems (‘Quantum’). The Shale Fracturing revolution was developed in Canada and has opened an entire sub-industry proven to expose reservoirs previously not economically feasible around the world.

Quantum is leading the way in developing some of Canada’s innovative technology within the oil and gas industry, specifically with their wellbore milling, cleaning and production evaluation technology. Having supported clients such as CNRL, Devon Canada, Shell Canada, and Husky Energy, Quantum’s game changing well intervention technology allows their clients to optimize production from existing unconventional wells. Consistent growth, in a time when many in the industry are laying off, highlights the value

 of the technology, not to mention the improvements in Quantum’s technology and continued commitment to research and development.

Dual Coil Milling System (‘DCMS’)

With their DCMS, Quantum can solve many issues related to cased hole milling. Specifically designed for under-pressured or sub-hydrostatic horizontal wellbores, the DCMS utilizes separate coiled tubing conduits to deliver power fluid to drive the mud motor and nitrogen to circulate solids and cuttings from the well. This ability to adjust fluid and nitrogen levels independently gives their clients greater control of the milling process. With this, the technology then allows for greater optimization in production, maximizing the reserves recovery on challenging horizontal wells. Through the DCMS, Quantum supports their clients in reducing well intervention risk, cost over runs, reaching further than conventional milling efforts and minimizing fluid loses.

JetVak™ Well Cleanout System

The golden child of technology for Quantum is their JetVak™ Well Cleanout System, which is typically used in semi-mature wells where bottom hole pressures have been significantly reduced. The JetVak™ system utilizes the same Dual Coiled Tubing as the DCMS, but in this case includes a specifically engineered jet pump and external jetting head, allows clients to effectively remove solids, ashphaltenes and or paraffins from low bottom hole pressure wells while gathering inflow data. This translates into enhanc

ing existing proven production and increase their clients over-all recoverable reserves. The data gathered during cleanout is unlike any other method and better informs the client regarding 

production strategies and possible future interventions.

Through their JetVak™ system, Quantum provides their clients with accurate data about the relationship between the reservoir and an individual well. As Winkler states, “The real goal with our technology is to gather pertinent, accurate info about how the well and reservoir are working together.” This information is invaluable to their clients as it doesn’t just say how much fluid is coming out of the well now, but informs what type of future interventions may be required on a meter by meter basis. By providing this insight, clients can increase the recovery factory within their assets. 

Q-Vak Well Evaluation

The Q-Vak system utilizes a jet pump/venture principle, which creates a localized draw down at the location of the BHA. This provides an immediate and dynamic production evaluation of each port or cluster throughout the liner of the well, resulting in better exploitation of reserves. “Ultimately, we’re finding out the characteristics and

 parameters of the reservoir to see how much they can drain out of it,” says Winkler. This information allows companies to better understand a well’s specific interval targets, the inflow performance relationship, and the actual mapping of the reservoir.

At the end of the day, Quantum has seen their own gr

owth because they are a premium provider who gets the job done, on time and on budget, while providing great insights not just for their clients’ assets, but for the entire horizontal wellbore optimization industry


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